Hey there, I'm a London based Artist and Illustrator (BA Hons)
I like bright colours and drawing characters!

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My Art Feed


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Nightwalker Jacket

Krenoi Logo

Cat Leap comic

The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest covers and slipcase

50 Masks

Nightwalker Jacket

The first version of a vampire bomber jacket designed and handpainted by me.
It features a bite mark on the collar, V pocket, coffin sleeve, cresent moon wrist and flames up the opposite side to symbolise burning in the sun.
The back is adorned with a giant bat that spills out on to the sleeves and flaps when the wearer moves. The back is completed with the slogan VERY BAD VIBES running under the bat.
The final piece would have a custom cropped fabric pattern, applique features, patches, 3M reflective material and contrast lining with a patch on the outer and inner breast pocket.

Krenoi Logo

A simple Instagram logo for a military costume and prop company,
classy but keeping miltary aesthetics and colours.

The original logo they had made themselves

Initial idea but the brand name had to be one line

Moving closer to the final logo but it was looking empty

Final versions I presented to the client
(Click for full size)

Cat Leap Comic

4 Spreads of my comic idea Cat Leap. A Story where a wanna-be parkour athlete learns his skills from an unusual but expert teacher.

Bookcovers & Slipcase

My take at some unusual book covers with an interactive slipcase for the well-known Oscar Wilde stories, The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest.
The covers are mirrored so the illustrations show on the outside when they're together in the slipcase.
With short and sweet blurbs on the insides.
When the books are inserted the knife stabs the painting of Dorian and the baby is placed into the handbag as per the stories.

50 Masks

This project was a design challenge to see how many unique and interesting designs of something I could come up with while limiting the subject. I really like masks and the different uses they can have when it comes to character design.

Some of my favourites from top to bottom are: sheet, all the hands, blinds, spiked, polygon, flame and wood.

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If you have reference images to share with me feel free to email me directly here: [email protected]